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In this era of smartphones and digital cameras, a lot of people believe that just about anyone can take a picture, and that's probably true. However, I don't believe that just anyone can MAKE a picture...that takes a creative eye, a vision, and a skill set that the majority of the public does not possess. I mean, come on...I can plant a few flowers, but that does not make me a landscape designer!  ;o)


As a photographer, I strive to capture those memorable moments and milestones in beautiful detail so that you can cherish them for years to come. I prefer a charasmatic approach that puts my photographic subjects at ease, makes them relax and laugh naturally, and makes for great pictures.


I believe a natural light setting makes for the most natural and beautiful photos, but I can also shoot in a more controlled, studio-like environment. Each photo session and client is unique and calls for their own unique approach.


Having been a photographer for over 10 years, I have shot nearly every session you can think of... Seniors, kids, families, newborns, cake smash, couples, engagements, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, boudoir, sports, military reenactments... And I have enjoyed every one of them and I hope that shows in my body of work.

Important Note:

Deanna Schuller Photography & Creative is veteran-owned and operated. Are you a vet too? Then ask me about our Military Discount and thank you for your service!

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